Gunnar grew up in Juneau, AK. His parents owned a bike shop and he spent much of his childhood pedaling around. After studying physics at CMU, Gunnar took a detour to the Patent Office. After two years of reading patents, Gunnar made the leap to software development and never looked back.

Gunnar currently works for NOAA National Marine Fisheries, writing software to manage fisheries. The tldr; is he helps count dead fish so we don't kill too many.


You can contact Gunnar at his email, or @monknomo on Twitter. Please feel free to get in touch, don't be shy

Work Projects

Gunnar's main project is the eLandings Electronic Logbook, which

  • Reduces paper storage requirements
  • Enables searchability
  • Eliminates the need for a scanning/ocr crew and the accompanying errors
  • Decreases the data turnaround from the field to the office

The most interesting thing about the logbook is that boats in the Bering Sea use it. Many of the boats don't have internet, so we maintain an "http over email" service. Our email service accepts special messages, submits them to our webservices and returns the result to the sender. This technique connects remote locations on shoestring a budget of bytes and dollars.

Gunnar is also the lead developer of NMFS's internal permitting system. This is the system that our business users use to issue permits to fisherpeople. Our internal permitting system also helps with analysis, so we can tell how many fish remain in the ocean.

Gunnar's main contributions are:

  • Automating build processes with Ant and Jenkins
  • Automating testing
  • Increasing test coverage
  • Automating deploys
  • Creating a quality control process

Work Passions

Gunnar gets worked up about automation. If a developer has to do the same thing three time, he automates it. Gunnar believes in helping everyone on his team do more


This page serves as a fairly up to date overview of Gunnar's professional activities, but for those inclined, Gunnar keeps his resume up to date at StackOverflow's public CV

Just For Fun

Gunnar keeps a personal tumblr blog. Gunnar also has a neocities website where he puts his "just for fun" javascript projects.