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2016 Year in Review

How'd I do in 2016?

2016 Goals In Review

How'd I do? Not well. I set some big goals and whiffed on all of them. Essentially, my problem is that I didn't blog enough (or really at all). I think the trick is something like how to keep a slow garage project rolling. Every day you need to get in there and tighten one bolt, or clean one thing, just to keep momentum up. Do the big projects while you can, but if you can't, keep the ball rolling with small stuff.

I suppose I could chalk this up to acquiring two new responsibilities in 2016. I had a baby - great fun, great responsibility, takes up far more time than I had anticipated, not that I begrudge a second. I also picked up an acting supervisory role at work, which takes up a surprising amount of my bandwidth for planning and organization. Not sure it's as fun as a baby, but it's a change and pretty interesting, to boot.

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