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2017 Goals

My plans for 2017, and continuing transparency. See Gunnar bare all!

2017 Goals

So, given how 2016 went, what are my plans for 2017?

I'm going to stick to the same basic plans, but scaled back a touch so I have some chance of hitting them.

Blog Goals

  • 26 blog posts this year
  • Measurable blog traffic
  • Create some tools for people
    • Talk about tools

Personal Goals

  • Be present in year 2 of the baby's life
  • Figure out how to manage a toddler
  • Bicycle
  • Lose 20 lbs (I lost 40 last year, so this is just a touch up to get where I want + a little padding for the occasional dessert)
  • Pare down household to a manageable level of stuff
  • Tweak savings plan to account for global instability
  • Pick one worthy political cause to be active in
  • Keep up sociability

Professional Goals

  • Learn how to build Javascript build/packaging/deploy systems
  • Get a grip on messaging and Service Oriented Architectures
  • Beef up supervisory and leadership skills
  • Succesfully project manage rollout of new Sealandings client
  • Project manage migration from legacy Flex monolith to SOA and Javascript system


Having written all this out, I notice I have a lot more personal goals than blog goals. I think that's ok - I don't intend to live this blog. I suspect blogs are more interesting when they are written by someone who is living. I also notice most of my professional goals are along the project management and architectural lines. I think that's most likely normal at this stage in my career. My techincal skills are sufficient to the tasks I do, so it seems natural to want to focus on the meta-technical and support skills.

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