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Finding Null or Empty String Checks in Java

I wrote a regex that finds many forms of checks for null or empty strings in Java, so I could replace them with a Predicate

I have a lot of code like this:

if( null == myString || "".equals(myString))

The codes fine, really. Very idiomatic, gets the job done.

Lately, I've been on a predicate kick. I like replacing my conditionals with predicates that describe the intent of the conditional statement. I can also replace a lot of my boilerplate code with a couple common predicates. This is one I use a lot:

 public static final Predicate<String> NULL_OR_EMPTY = (in) -> null==in || "".equals(in);

It's true; if the code base had been crafted with Optionals or other null-avoidance techniques, that I could mostly ignore this check. My code base has history and weight and external interfaces, so there are plenty of this check and others like it.

I have been using this regex to find likely places that I can apply my predicate:


It's an ugly one, but it matches a lot of common patterns for checking if a string is null or empty. I'm hopeful that folks will suggest either a better way of finding null or empty checks or help me add to my hideous regex!